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Enterprise Reporting Server

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Responsive Internet Content Filtering for Evolving Threats: iPrism Content Filter

Internet threats are evolving more effective ways of reaching your network, adapting to improved security. Internet content filtering through an equally adaptable, simple-to-use content filter like iPrism works to effectively guide employee Internet use, so that Internet access is a tool, rather than a liability, for your business.

iPrism 10h iPrism 10h Content Filter
Ideal for companies sized up to 175 workstations
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iPrism 20h iPrism 20h Content Filter
Ideal for companies sized up to 500 workstations
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iPrism 30h iPrism 30h Content Filter
Ideal for companies sized up to 1,000 workstations
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iPrism 50h iPrism 50h Content Filter
Ideal for companies sized up to 2,500 workstations
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iPrism 100h iPrism 100h Content Filter
Ideal for large enterprise organizations with up to 10,000 workstations
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Enterprise Reporting Server Enterprise Content Filtering Report Server
Designed for distributed networks in education, corporations and professional organizations with multiple deployments
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Network security has increased to protect against external incursions, but hackers and scammers have become more savvy. Rather than trying to penetrate network defenses, they entice users to access their sites – also known as social engineering – so traffic looks to the network like a legitimate outbound HTTP connection. Fringe sites can upload spyware and viruses without the user’s being aware of it. Scam sites can emulate real web sites to steal credit card and banking numbers or other personal information. Virus scanning only catches problems after they arrive, without ever recognizing threats from content or scams. Additionally, personal Internet use, routinely ranging from minutes to hours every workday, creates massive liabilities for a company from increased bandwidth, lost productivity, and risks from lawsuits over offensive content. Yet the importance of Internet connectivity cannot be overstated in a technology-driven business climate.

Internet content filtering controls what kinds of sites are allowed to be accessed by users on a network. A content filter compared web requests, like trying to connect to a website, with a database of websites which identify site content, and block access according to the Internet content filtering rules. iPrism takes Internet content filtering further through the iGuard database, the most comprehensive and accurate database available, combined with kernel-level filters to filter a variety of Internet protocols. iPrism Internet content filtering provides an effective content filter with business-centric features:
  • Scalability for individual networks or multiple physical locations because of centralized configuration and easily integrated Internet content filtering appliances
  • Intuitive web-based content filter interface
  • Automatic content filter updates
  • Low total cost of ownership, with limited maintenance costs
  • Kernel-level Internet content filtering to scan every packet of inbound and outbound traffic
  • Reporting functionality included with iPrism Internet content filtering software for fast reporting and archiving
  • Category-based Internet content filtering using iGuard, the industry’s only 100% human-reviewed database of millions of URLs
  • Protocol content filter for instant messaging and peer-to-peer sessions
  • User content filter profiles to control what sites people can visit and when, monitor what sites are visited, provide overrides, and control the type and size of downloads
  • Simple network integration and cross-platform support for Internet content filtering

EdgeWave is proud to announce the release of our Mobile Device Security solutions for employees who engage in business on their smartphones, tablets and laptops. Also review or new Social Media Security products for corporations and goverment agencies.

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